At Oticon we strive to make the hiring process a positive experience for everyone involved. Below you can see about the individual steps that you as an applicant can expect to undergo throughout the process.

Writing a good job application

Your application provides an initial impression of you as a person; it not only describes your professional qualifications and experience, but it also reflects your personal qualities.

The best way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to describe very specifically how your particular competences qualify you for the position being advertised – preferably with examples. It is very important that your application is directed to the position available. Think of the job application as a reply to the questions posed by the job advertisement. It is therefore important that you:

  • Meet the requirements listed in the job advertisement.

  • Can perform the tasks listed in the job advertisement – based on your past experience.

  • Tell us what it is that you find appealing about the job – and Oticon.

  • Make it clear to us what you can contribute – including what you can contribute to Oticon as a human being.

Your CV
In addition to the application, please send us a copy of your CV. This will give us a more detailed overview of your professional qualifications and career to date. The CV should be a precise, informative description of your career with particular emphasis on aspects relating to the position you are now seeking. We also encourage you to always attach other relevant documents/certificates


An interview process typically includes two interviews. The first interview is attended by one of our recruiting specialists and either a personnel manager, project manager or employee who knows your prospective job area well. The second interview always involves the personnel manager and the recruiting specialist.

The first interview takes approx. 90 minutes and the purpose is to find out more about your personal qualities and professional qualifications. The interview also gives you an opportunity to learn more about Oticon and what the job entails. We feel that it is important that you receive the information necessary to make the right decisions.

The purpose of the second interview is to clarify any questions about your professional qualifications and to get to know you as a person. Later, the recruiting specialist will talk with you about e.g. your personality, your work behaviour and your professional development. If you are applying for a key position, the recruiting specialist will provide you with feedback on the personality and skills test you completed online. The session takes approx. 2 hours.

Starting work at Oticon

It is very important to us that you get a good start at Oticon. And it is also important to us that as a new employee, you gain a broad understanding of our company and its culture as quickly as possible. Therefore we have designed a mentor programme and introduction programme to help you settle into your new position.